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Physiological Testing

  • Saliva Hormone Testing Full Male Panel- 7 hormones
  • Full Female Panel- 8 hormones (free hormones- not bound)
  • Thyroid Hormone Testing Detects TSH, T3, T4, TPO and even Vitamin D (free hormones-not bound)
  • Food Intolerance Testing Checks for 46 different food intolerances
  • BioFilm Testing BioFilm is a protective chemical wall that Cancer, & Chronic
    • Infections build to protect themselves from your immune System. Not detectable by most current technology.


Neurological Testing

  • Brain Mapping, takes 6 minutes with eyes open and 6 minutes with eyes closed
  • Sessions, take ½ hour while you watch a movie
  • Portable Unit, at home sessions, available for longer treatment requirements


Health Analysis Services

  • Includes a completion of an extensive questionnaire covering: GI Track, Metabolism, Immune function, Cardiovascular ,  Glucose tolerance, Pulmonary, Urological, Women’s health, Men’s health,  and Musculoskeletal categories.
  • Client Profile application of current symptoms, medical history, and current medications
  • Physical includes; blood pressure, tongue & finger analysis and skin & eye review

A summary report provided of the above information


Our system is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In fact, the FDA recognizes that neurofeedback has NEVER produced a serious side effect since it was first discovered over 40 years ago. There are also thousands of research articles and personal testimonials that prove it effectiveness. Click a box below to learn more.

About Neurofeedback

Learn more about this revolutionary computer-based brain training system.

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Watch videos from patients about their experiences with neurofeedback.

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View nationally published research articles on neurofeedback for every condition

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